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NDoiljobs.com is providing the #1 source for employers and prospective employees to make their job search and relocation to North Dakota seamless. NDoiljobs.com was started in 2005 by Jon Hegre.

Site Owner Jon Hegre is a longtime supporter of North Dakota where he grew up. He is a member of the ND Petroleum Council and is an Official ND Ambassador. He lived in the state from 1963-1997 and worked as a TV, Sportscaster in Fargo, Bismarck and Minot in the 90's. Mr. Hegre now lives in Denver, Colorado  where he is a sales representative for MHC Trucks, Real Estate investor, and entrepreneur. His company Sports Sponsors has promoted MMA and Boxing events in North Dakota for over 15 years.

Please be sure to click on the jobs in the feature and standard sections and respond to the company directly by email. There are also banner ads that link to various home pages to help you in your relocation on the front page and in the resources section. Also if you are seeking a an open position but do not have any experience please check out the article in our NEWS section or click on the banner ad TrainND.com on the home page. There are training classes you can take at Williston State College. You can also click on the TrainND.com  banner ad on the front home page. These short training sessions have both classroom and actual time on an Oil Rig for training.


How do I apply for a job ?  Click on the actual job that is listed and follow the instructions. Make sure to click on Job Listings and  More Listings in each section. There are hundreds of job openings on the site.

Can I email you directly for help ? I receive thousands of emails a week. I try to help everyone I can but please follow the directions on each job posting.

How do I know if a company received my application and resume ? If you mailed it, emailed it, or filled out there application I am sure they got it. They will respond to you if they need you. If you want to try and follow up with a call to that specific company that would be ok.

I submitted my resume when will I be contacted ?  We have a secure area where our Feature Listing companies can access the resumes and they will contact you if they want to talk to you about a position. 

If I have no experience how do I get started in North Dakota ? Click on TrainND.com on the front page or go to the News section and read the article about Williston State College Petroleum Training classes. They have all kinds of short training sessions to get you started.

I forgot my username or password ? Username is your email you submitted. You can email us at Info@NDoiljobs.com for your password and we will try to get back to you within 24 hours.

I cannot register or submit my resume ? You might have double registrations with the same email address. Please try to register with a different email and password.