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Frac Supervisor 1, 2, 3 - Continental Resources

Posted on: 11-May-2014

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Frac Supervisors-1

Drilling & Production Support | Killdeer, ND

Coordinate with all vendors associated with frac operation Ensure location is set up in a way that will work for the operation
Go over job design and job parameters with Frac Company and WL Company, make sure service companies have correct design and everything needed for the job
Go over all CLR procedures with frac company, WL company, and all other vendors Make sure that all water test, sand sieve test, and bench test have been completed Do a walk around and inspect rig up before priming up and pressure testing
Hold pre job safety meeting, and do a head count, with everyone on location

Frac Operation Duties

Oversee pressure test and setting of pop off. Make sure pump trips are adjusted accordingly Do all job calculations and check with Frac Company
Oversee pumping to make sure rate and pressure is adequate, make adjustments if needed Periodically check the fluid throughout the job, also monitor break test
Help service companies with any problems that may arise during the job
Collect and report all data throughout the job

Wireline Operation Duties

Check over the plugs that have been brought to location
Verify that WL has correct design, check all plug and per depths Ensure that CLR standards are met during pump downs
Log the liner coming out of the hole after the first WL run

Post Job Operation Duties

Supervise rig down of all vendors
Make sure the location is clean, all garbage and sand is picked up Make sure water is consolidated or moved off location
Report all cost associated with frac, make sure cost edit is done in a timely manner Make sure all data from frac operation is sent to appropriate location

Misc. Job Duties

Report all incidents and near misses to the safety dept. and supervisor Report all spills to environmental dept. and supervisor
Make sure everyone on location is working in a safe manner and working in safe conditions Do anything else that is asked from your supervisor