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Manager E&C Business Services - Williams

Posted on: 30-Apr-2012

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Manager E&C Business Services (16141)

Requisition Number 16141 - Posted 04/12/2012 - Houston, TX


Responsible for building, sustaining and improving standards and competencies to support E&C projects in the following areas:                      
Estimating standards    
Schedule development and maintenance    
Cost tracking and control    
Work Breakdown Structure and account coding    
Project estimates, budgets and forecasts    
Contracting of services and materials including negotiations    
Contract Administration    
Invoice review and approval    
Project cost and schedule reporting    
Retention and retrieval of Engineering and Construction (E&C) contract documents 
Participate with peers from other E&C groups in the identification and implementation of common and best practice processes 

across MS E&C Business Services.



This role will be accountable for the establishment of project control tools, processes and competencies that will enable project teams to readily know their project's current and forecast status in regard to schedule and budget.
In collaboration with the project management group, this role will establish and approve contracting plans for each project consistent with the MS technical contracting process.  
In cooperation with the commercial, operations, legal and project management groups, this role will be accountable for the negotiation of construction contracts with customers, service  contracts with contractors and equipment procurement contracts with vendors (collectively the E&C Contracts).  
This role will be accountable for the retention and ready retrieval of E&C Contracts.
This role will be accountable for the recording, reporting and forecasting of project costs and commitments.
This role will be accountable for the leading and development of 20 to 30 team members including team leaders.
This role will be accountable for documenting and maintaining the project records.
This role will be accountable for verifying that project estimates meet applicable standards, are complete in form, match the project's scope of work, and conform to Williams' work breakdown structures.
This role will be accountable for developing sustainable processes across MS, in collaboration with peers from other E&C groups, and within E&C GC to achieve the expectations listed above on an ongoing and ever improving basis.
This role will be accountable for purchase order administration and, with the Project Managers, for invoice review and approval against contract or change order statement of work and for actual work performed.




Preparation of project control tools such as project schedules, manpower loading curves, cash flow forecasts and similar project completion forecasts and the clear and timely communication of this information to the project management staff.
Negotiation and retention of E&C Contracts.  The negotiation will be done under the direct guidance of the E&C Business Services group with support from legal, operations, subject matter experts and project management staff, as per the E&C Contracting Process.
Preparation, tracking and closing of project work orders.
Compliance with Williams' systems such as the applicable portions of SIP, PowerPlant, SOX controls, accounting stds, PLC, Project Controls Process, Project Contracting Process. etc.
Recording and reporting project expenses and project commitments.
Development of an organized and efficient MS digital and paper filing system for E&C Contracts that enables easy retrieval of agreements in collaboration with peers from other E&C groups
Recording, approving and reporting of project invoices.
Preparation of annual goals and career development plans.
Participating in and supporting audits of the E&C contracting and project controls processes and procedures.
Development of efficient and "user friendly" project controls procedures that meet the needs of project managers and Williams' management.


Critical Competencies:


Business Acumen ¨ Developing Direct Reports and Others
Planning ¨ Drive for Results
Managing and Measuring Work ¨ Written Communications
Informing ¨ Peer Relationships
Process Management ¨ Building Effective Teams


Minimum of 10 years experience in deep-water/offshore projects.  
Minimum of 3 years of management/supervision experience  
Background in project execution and project management 
MBA is beneficial  
Experience managing projects is beneficial

Bachelor of Science in a technical/mechanical field is required