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Hotel - Casino Jobs - $1,000 Bonus - 4 Bears Casino

Posted on: 28-Jan-2020

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Go to 4Bearscasino.com and click on employment to apply - Please mention NDoiljobs.com as your source - NDoiljobs.com- You can also apply online at 4Bearscasino.com - click on Employment

Also see attached form for more information 

Under 21 Years of Age:


1 PT Gift Shop Cashier $8.00

Under 21 Years of Age:


1 PT Gift Shop Cashier $8.00

2 PT Event Workers (Employment Pool)


Special Openings (Open Until Filled):


1 FT Live Games Supervisor $12.50

1 FT Bar/Liquor Store Admin Assist $12.00


Over 21 Years of Age:


Lodge Assistant Manager DOQ

Lodge Assistant Manager DOQ

Pocket Aces Supervisor $13.00

***This can be your hourly wage with tips, based on the last 6 month average.
Bar Department $12.65 per hour (excluding bar-back)
Slot Attendants $32.26 per hour
Slot Technicians $15.48 per hour
Live Games Department $18.56 per hour
Poker Department $25.42


Employment Pool will be continuously accepting applications.
Pick us as your part time job with flexible hours!!
You may print an application online or apply at www.4bearscasino.com


For payroll purposes you are required to submit the following documentation with your application:

1. High School Diploma or GED Certificate
2. Social Security Card
3. Valid Picture Identification such as Drivers License, State ID or Tribal ID
4. Tribal Enrollment Verification (if you are claiming Indian Preference)
5. If you are claiming Veteran’s Preference, we will need a DD214


Other Employment Information:

- A math test will be required upon submitting your application. You must receive a passing score for all money handling positions.
- Exceptions for a High School Diploma or GED Certificate are Housekeeper and Porter positions.
- A resume is required when applying for any Supervisory, Administrative and Management positions.
-The Casino maintains a policy of non-discrimination with employees and applicants for employment. No aspects of employment within the Casino will be influenced in any manner by race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, mental or physical disability, sexual preference or any other bias prohibited by statute, except as provided for by Indian Preference.

4 Bears Job_Vacancies_Weekly.pdf