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Rotating Equipment Reliability Technician-Williams

Posted on: 26-Jun-2012

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Career Opportunities: Rotating Equipment Reliability Technician (18741)

Requisition Number 18741 - Posted 06/18/2012 - Geismar, LA

As a Rotating Equipment Reliability Technician, this role is responsible for ensuring that the plant rotating equipment and supporting diagnostic systems are maintained to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the plant.  The Rotating Equipment Reliability Technician will perform gathering, maintenance, troubleshooting, and interpretation of diagnostic data as well as repair activities associated with the plant rotating equipment and associated dignostic equipment. This may include but is not limited to hand held vibration monitoring systems, real time vibration monitoring systems and Monitoring of PM and repair activities to rotating equipment.

Rotating Equipment Reliability Technicians work a 40 hour week unless assigned to a shift position by the Reliability Supervisor. Reliability Technicians must be available for scheduled weekend coverage and unscheduled callouts.


Minimum requirements include:

  • High School graduate or equal
  • Graduate of a qualified technical school in instrumentation or electrical field or demonstrated knowledge in the field.
  • Minimum three years experience in an industrial setting and a demonstrated ability and desire to learn.