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Safety Rep-Williams

Posted on: 26-Jun-2012

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Career Opportunities: Safety Rep I (19381)

Requisition Number 19381 - Posted 06/25/2012 - Green River, WY


The Safety Representative (SR) is responsible for providing proactive leadership, guidance, awareness and solutions to ensure safe and reliable operations, allowing the organization to execute on the business model. The SR is Tier I support for field operations focused on shaping our safety culture and practices and contributing to the success of their local team by effectively integrating their safety expertise. The SR uses SIP, Federal, State and Local safety requirements, and Recognized And Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices (RAGAGEP) as the system to execute on standards and procedures. Each SR is expected to review and analyze trends from incident investigations, hazards, near misses and field observations within Midstream operations. In addition, the SR shall bring awareness of the trends to the local leadership teams, including developing proactive solutions and recommendations. The Safety Rep is a change leader, educator, advocate, consultant and mentor for our organizational safety culture


- Demonstrates assertive willingness to engage others in discussions and solutions.

- Comfortable being both a leader and team player. Plans and facilitates meetings with the local leadership to address and resolve open action items, MOCRs, Incident Investigations, trends, etc. Collaborates with stakeholders to improve SIP and our operations.

- Fully integrated in the operations in the area and manages their work schedule based on personal knowledge of the activity in their area.

- Knowledgeable of how their work supports the business model and can recommend alternative solutions that take into account the business impact. Educates others as to the relationship between metrics, assurance results, trends, etc. and the business impact.

- Utilizes understanding of industry best practices, operations experience, and the business model to help design, practices, processes, and procedures to improve existing SIP initiatives and procedures by utilizing SIP feedback.

- Becomes indispensable to op-techs by coaching on the front end of MOCs, Job Plans, PSSRS, HAZOPs, etc.

- Analyzes trends and develops solutions based on best practices.

- Is a local opinion leader. Gains the trust and respect of Operations by offering consistent and credible guidance on safety-related matters.

- Motivates and inspires others to take ownership and champion change efforts. Able to gain buy-in and get others to say yes.

Level and Salary will be commensurate with skills, knowledge and abilities.


The preferred location for this position will be Green River, other locations in Southwest Wyoming will be considered.