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Supervisor Supply Chain Contracts - Williams

Posted on: 02-May-2012

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Supervisor Supply Chain Contracts (15941)

Requisition Number 15941 - Posted 04/11/2012 - Houston, TX


Accountable for department that is responsible for the negotiation and commercial execution of all non-standard Engineering and Contstruction (E&C) contracts entered into by Gulf Coast Technical Services Deepwater group and certain aspects of standard contracts that interface or have the ability to affect higher-level interrelated contracts. These contracts include construction agreements with clients, long form contracts, non-standard MSAs, RFSs, Change Orders and Purchase Orders.  The position ensures that E&C contracts are negotiated in the context of Williams' other obligations and will bring commerciality, risk control and consistency to the execution and creation of E&C contracts.  Leads negotiations or supervises a team that does same at the pre-contract stage with support of relevant technical personnel and supports project managers and the core team in relation to construction issues during project execution.  The position is also accountable for the negotiation and development of standard contracts (where contractors accept Williams' terms and conditions without qualification) especially with regard to specific points of interface (completion dates, boundaries of technical and commercial responsibility and the like) with higher-level contracts.


Accountable for:



Commercial viability of E&C contracts (including MSA's, RFS's, Change Orders and Purchase Orders)   
Consistency of construction contracts (both across contracts and between legal, technical and commercial provisions in each document)
Identification and acceptance of appropriate levels of risk.  
Creation of appropriate contracting strategies
Ensuring compliance with internal business procedures and regulations
Contracts reflect Williams' intended risk position

Executed Contracts are delivered in a timely manner consistent with project schedule requirements





Departmental supervision and administrative oversight  
Enhancement of business relationships with clients and contractors  
Lliason / interface with PM, legal, insurance and commercial functions
Identification of risks in advance and acceptance of appropriate levels of risk  
Creating appropriate contracting strategies.  
Ensuring Project Managers are aware and accepting of contractual obligations   
Capitalize on commercial opportunities as they arise.
Ensuring that contracts are adhered to by all parties concerned
Minimize E&C claims / change orders from contractors  
Contract negotiation  

Drafting contracts






Be able to work as part of a team and direct team members as appropriate
Possess business acumen
Be a self-starter - action oriented
Be able to manage conflicting priorities and have orginizational skills - conflict management
Attention to detail



Bachelors / Masters Degree
Background in business transactions and contract law
15+ years experience with offshore construction contracts  
Good understanding of the technology utilized in Gulf Coast E&C Deepwater Group contracts